Find out more about our @uni Kickstarter or Coding Kickstarter classes below as well as some general FAQs.



Find out more about our @uni Kickstarter or Coding Kickstarter classes below as well as some general FAQs.

To access all of our Kickstarter classes you must identify as a woman or non-binary and be 18+. Our free Coding Kickstarter classes are for any non university students who fall into this basic criteria. Our free @uniKickstarter classes have the following eligibility criteria: 

  • Currently be studying at university 
  • Completed studies/graduated university within the past 2 years Both class types have the same content and learning structure.


We place new classes on our website on a rolling basis throughout the year, usually one month in advance. All of our classes take place remotely on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.

Yes, currently all of our classes take place once a week 18:30 to 20.30 GMT (or BST in Summer). We are working on providing more varied class timing options for our community.

Both our @Uni Kickstarter and Coding Kickstarter classes run for 8-weeks, with one 2-hour session per week. These introduction classes are best for those wanting to start out their coding journey and will give you a solid introduction in Python and Apps, Web Development or Data and SQL. We also offer JavaScript classes, but we would recommend familiarising yourself with HTML and CSS first through our Web Dev classes. These sessions are live with instructors and certified and once completed, you will be eligible to apply for our CFGdegree programme.

No, the @Uni Kickstarter and Coding Kickstarter classes do not lead to a job and you are not in any way tied to our sponsoring company as a student. If this is something you are interested in, after completing your beginner’s course you can apply for the CFGDegree

If you have not heard back within 7 working days, you have been automatically added to a waiting list. We have a large number of applicants and only around 40-45 places per class. For each class, we can receive up to 3X times as many applications per place! If you are not accepted onto the course you initially applied for, we will place you on an alternative course within 3 months of your application. Each eligible student will be given a space, so there is no need to re-apply. If you are on the waiting list and a student drops out, you will be offered a place which is reserved for a set amount of time. You can then register to confirm your space in the classes.

We ask that potential students only apply to one Kickstarter course at a time. This allows us to get back to you much faster, and also ensure that students don’t end up with multiple spaces assigned to them unnecessarily.

You need a working laptop or desktop computer. This can be Mac, Linux, or Windows. Participants using Chromebooks may run into some difficulties. iPads or other tablets will not work with the courses. Please also make sure that your device is up-to-date with the latest software and that you have permission to download software to the device. All course materials are free of charge and we will not ask for payment to use them. If you are having trouble downloading the software, please ensure that you are using the free/community version of each platform.

We ask that all applicants please apply for the region relevant to them. The companies that sponsor these classes and make what we do possible to deliver for free often allocate funding to specific regions. It also allows us to keep track of which areas are most popular. If your region is not currently available please check back weekly as the team updates the website with new classes regularly – you can also apply for ALL UK & IRELAND classes.

We offer courses with a region called for “ALL INTERNATIONAL” that encompass all countries. These courses are very popular and they are taken down from the website when they hit capacity. Please keep checking, as we update the website weekly.

No, our MOOCs and Kickstarter classes are for complete beginners. For Javascript we recommend taking our Web Development classes first. The CFGDegree is aimed at students who have taken our Kickstarter classes.

None of our Kickstarter class sessions are currently recorded. We are currently working on improving this in the future. Our MOOCs take place on Youtube livestreams and they are automatically uploaded and kept online for students to catch up on-demand. CFGDegree classes are recorded but we do require live attendance wherever possible for you to meet the minimum requirement.

The meeting link will be sent into the Slack channel you were invited to join in your course instructions shortly prior to the session beginning.

Please let your instructor know via the Slack channel. Your classmates and instructor should be able to help you catch up with any important information you have missed out on via Slack, and you will have access to the course slides too.

For Kickstarter classes, to receive a certificate of completion you will need to have attended 6/8 sessions (the final session is vital!) and have submitted your final project, which your instructor will need to give a passing grade. If you believe you fit into this criteria but you haven’t received your certificate after two weeks, please don’t panic and get in touch with the Contact Us form so we can resolve this for you.


Simply fill in the details below and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can (but make sure you give us 48 hours – we’re a busy bunch!)