Things we learnt speaking with Christina Scott, Chief Product and Technology Officer at OVO

In this episode of #REPRESENT, we sat down with Christina Scott, Chief Product and Technology at OVO Energy, a major energy supplier, to discuss her journey from mechanical engineering to leadership in the tech world. Christina shares valuable insights on how technology is driving sustainability in the energy sector, fostering innovation, and empowering women in tech.

Key takeaways: 

1.Striking the balance: sustainability and affordability: Christina discusses the delicate balance between achieving net-zero emissions and ensuring affordability for customers. Her insights underscore the importance of aligning daily operations with the broader sustainability mission.

2. Agility and resilience in tech teams: Christina highlights the challenges of balancing agility with building resilient and secure technology solutions. She advocates for experimentation and lightweight development while ensuring long-term sustainability and scalability in technology projects.

3. Promoting innovation through failures: Christina emphasises the value of experimentation and failing fast in fostering innovation. She mentions hackathons and other initiatives encouraging employees to explore new ideas and technologies, ultimately driving progress.

4.The role of data and IoT in sustainable tech: We discuss the potential of the Internet of Things (IoT) and data science in creating eco-friendly, connected homes and optimising energy usage. Christina believes that smart homes when combined with effective data management, will revolutionise energy consumption.

Christina’s insights shed light on the dynamic intersection of technology, sustainability, and diversity in the energy sector, inspiring both professionals and enthusiasts to embrace innovation and make a positive impact on the planet.

The full interview is available on our YouTube and Spotify!