The CFG Massive Open Online Courses come in two forms – our MOOC Sprints and our MOOC Challenges. Together, our MOOCs are great for beginners or those with some tech knowledge and know-how!

Our MOOC Sprints are 4-week quick learning courses that will give you a good foundational knowledge across key tech topics, including languages, problem-solving and career confidence. 

Following our Sprints, our MOOC Challenges allow you to test your knowledge and skills with a challenge, project or task with real-life examples and problem-solving.

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These 100% free MOOC sessions will introduce you to in-demand tech concepts and languages, and other key skills.

They are a great way to get a taste of different tech concepts, languages, and career tips’n’tricks, whilst building your knowledge and skills across various tech areas.

We often have our partner companies helping us host these sessions, so there is also a great opportunity to find out how tech works across different organisations and take part in live Q&A sessions. 

These sessions are open to all CFG members across the globe!


Much like any tech role, you’ll get involved in sprints to build and ship new tech features and products. We thought the term ‘sprint’ was a fitting name for a 4-week MOOC powerhouse learning session focused on a key topic where you will walk away with new skills and knowledge.

Not only that, after completing a MOOC Sprint, you will have the opportunity to test your knowledge further by taking part in a MOOC Challenge linked to your Sprint topic.

Our MOOC Sprints are open to all CFG members globally and are 100% free for all participants.

MOOC Sprints are run over 4 weeks, with one x 1-hour session per week going into the detail of a key topic area. 

At the end of the 4 weeks, you’ll walk away with a deeper knowledge of a key topic and have the opportunity to test your knowledge with our MOOC Challenge – which will follow after each Sprint!

There will be a range of topics from introductions to languages, problem-solving, career pathways and more!

Each MOOC Sprint will include LIVE sessions (or recorded if you can’t make it), a session quiz, and upon completion by the deadline, a certification.

What we love most about our new MOOC Sprints is that they are great for all CFG members – from beginners to those further along their tech journey.

Tech is an ever-evolving area, and building your knowledge base is sure to continue throughout your career. MOOC Sprints are great for those starting and wanting to learn more about a topic, or for those who have done our class or CFGdegree and want to gain additional knowledge and skills in a topic area.

AND, our MOOCs are available for all CFG members globally!

Our MOOC Sprints will be hosted LIVE by our amazing instructors with some special guests from partner companies for key sessions.

In the LIVE sessions, you can ask any questions, get unstuck on any ‘not-so-sure-bits’ and ask guest partners about life at their company and career pathways.

To gain access to our new MOOC Sprints, we’ll send you to our new member area online where all of our MOOC sessions will take place and you can track your progress and access course materials.

We know that sometimes life gets in the way of a good MOOC session, so we will be keeping our MOOC Sprint sessions available online for some time after each of the LIVE sessions.

This means you can watch and learn in your own time, in whatever time zone, accessing the video sessions and associated content to complete each MOOC Sprint. 

PLUS, when you complete the MOOC Sprint, you will receive a certificate to recognise your achievement. There is a completion deadline for each MOOC Sprint to receive a certificate, after which you can head over to our “On Demand Library” where you can catch up on any of the Sprints for a limited time. 

We’re unleashing some mini hackathon vibes with our MOOC Challenges. Our MOOC Challenges will allow members to test their knowledge in a key topic area with a project or challenge to complete.

Much like a hackathon, there will be a kick-off event, time to develop your response, and a final presentation session – with this all happening over four weeks.

Challenges and projects are a great way to not only test your knowledge but also for building a portfolio and adding to your CV!

Our MOOC Challenges are 1-hour weekly sessions which are open to all CFG members globally and are 100% free for all participants. If you would love to take up the challenge but don’t think you have the skillset for it, check out our related Sprints first to get yourself challenge ready!

Each MOOC Challenge will begin with a kick-off event where the challenge statement and project will be presented. 

Usually, these will be presented by our partner companies who may be seeking solutions to real-life tech challenges and looking for tech talent to show them the way! 

Our MOOC Challenges are open to all CFG members globally!

It is always good to challenge yourself and put new skills (or old ones!) to the test!

Our MOOC Challenges are designed to follow our MOOC Sprint topics so that those who have participated in the Sprints can then test what they have just learnt.

These challenges are open to all participants, however, our linked Sprints are here to give you all the tools and skill sets to complete.

From the kick-off date, you will have four weeks to submit your response.

Finally, after all of your hard work, you get the opportunity to showcase your work to our partners who are your judges. Showcase all you have learned and worked on with a final presentation where one of our lucky challengers will be awarded the winner. 

The final session will take place after around four weeks of free time to complete the challenge. 

We are incredibly excited to have our partner companies involved and to see your solutions presented to the challenge.

Problem-solving is a key skill to have in tech and being able to showcase that you have participated in MOOC Challenges will be a great booster to any CV and portfolio.

Each member that takes part and completes the MOOC Challenge will receive a certificate to confirm participation.

You’ll also have a great project to add to your portfolio and be able to add this to your GitHub, website or other pages showcasing your work!


Our NEW MOOC Sprints and Challenges can be found below. We will be launching more Sprints and Challenges in the coming weeks and months so make sure you tune in to our socials and emails for updates (and come back and check here!)

limited time until 29.11.23
Free and open to all CFG Members​
Intro to Coding

Coding is how we communicate with computers! If you want to dip your toe into the world of programming, this MOOC is perfect for you. Each week, you’ll get an overview of different elements of coding and a great foundation to start building upon your knowledge further. It could be the first step in your journey to getting into tech!

The live sessions for this MOOC Sprint have ended, but you have until the 29th November to get full marks and earn a certificate. 

Session 1: What is coding and why is it important?

  1. Intro to coding
  2. Compiler vs Interpreter
  3. Low level vs High-level programming language
  4. Basic concepts of computer programming, such as variables
  5. Different types of data types – Integer, Floating points (Decimals), Booleans

Session 2: Different forms of Data Structures

  1. Operators in programming- +,-,*,/,%,&,|, >,<,!,~, etc
  2. Strings
  3. Lists or Arrays
  4. Associated arrays such as Dictionary, Maps

Session 3: Control structures and Functions

  1. Conditional Statements – If, Else if and Else
  2. Loops – for, while, do-while and their basic structure
  3. Commonly used keywords with Loops- break, continue, pass
  4. Functions

Session 4:Errors, Types of errors and Error Handling

  1. Syntax errors, logic errors, runtime errors
  2. How to troubleshoot and debug code
  3. Art of Pseudocode and making flowchart
  4. A small taste of how to write simple programs in a programming language, such as Python
Free and open to all CFG Members​
Intro to coding

STARTS: Wednesday 22nd November @ 7:30PM

Our MOOC Challenges give you the opportunity to test your knowledge and skills with a challenge, project or task using real-world examples.


Week 1 – Wednesday 22nd November (Kick-off event & challenge revealed)

Weeks 2 & 3 – Friday 24th November – Project work begins for final hand on Wednesday 13th December

Week 4: Wednesday 20th December – Winners announced


Challenges and projects are a great way to not only test your knowledge but also for building a portfolio and bits on your CV!


Our MOOC Challenges are also open to all CFG members globally and are 100% free for all participants.

Free and open to all CFG Members​
Assessments and HackerRank

STARTS: Monday 13th November @ 6.00PM

Have an upcoming Tech Assessment but don’t know how to go about it? Is it your first assessment and you don’t know how to practice? Look no further, our Assessment MOOC is here! We will be taking you through the ins and out of the interview process and the different types of assessments available so you are well-equipped. Get a chance to also learn with Hackerrank as they guide you through their platform & try it out with their practice questions.

Session 1: Intro to Assessments

LIVE Session: Monday 13th November @ 6 PM (GMT)

  1. Tech industry interview process
  2. Non-coding assessments
  3. Coding assessments and types

Session 2: Intro to Assessments Platforms

LIVE Session: Monday, 20th November @ 6 PM (GMT)

  1. Leetcode
  2. Codewars
  3. Hackerrank

Session 3: Hackerrank: Solving assessments pt. 1

LIVE Session: Monday, 27th November @ 6 PM (GMT)

  1. How to work through a problem
  2. How to use the platform

Session 4: Hackerrank: Solving assessments pt. 2

LIVE Session: Monday, 4th December @ 6 PM (GMT)

  1. Advanced questions
  2. Best practices
Free and open to all CFG Members​

STARTS: Tuesday 14th November @ 6.00PM

Let’s get into this Intro to Data MOOC! Here, you’ll learn all about the basics of data including key languages like SQL – SQL allows you to manipulate data in a way that’s useful. In this MOOC, you’ll get an understanding of the possibilities of what we can do with data and how to do it.

Session 1: SQL Basics

LIVE Session: Tuesday 14th November @ 6 PM (GMT)

  1. Understanding what SQL is and how it is used
  2. Understanding databases, tables and basic syntax
  3. How to build databases and tables, and how to populate
  4. Understand basic operators and how these can be applied in the WHERE clause 

Session 2: SQL Commands & Normalisation

LIVE Session: Tuesday 21st November @ 6 PM (GMT)

  1. Introduction to SQL commands: DML and DDL statements
  2. Practical application of SQL commands
  3. Normalisation and 1-3NFg
  4. Normalisation practical

Session 3: Keys and Joins

LIVE Session: Tuesday 28th November @ 6 PM (GMT)

  1. Identification of Candidate Keys
  2. Primary and Foreign Keys
  3. Types of Joins
  4. Joining Tables with Keys

Session 4: Aggregation and Sorting

LIVE Session: Tuesday 5th December @ 6 PM (GMT)

  1. Aggregation in SQL
  4. Briefing for the Challenge


Even though these live MOOC Sprints have ended, you can still catch up and access all the recorded content led by our fantastic instructors. 

Much like any role in tech, you’ll get involved in sprints to build and ship new tech features and products. Our MOOC Sprint on-demand library features quick learning courses that will give you good foundational knowledge across key tech topics, including coding languages, problem-solving and career confidence. MOOC sprints are open to all CFG members globally and are 100% free for all participants.

*Please note there is no certification on completing MOOCs from the on-demand Library. If you would like to get certified, please join our live sessions above.

available on demand until 13.12.23
intro to web app security

Session 1: Introduction to Secure Software Development/ DevSecOps 

  1.  Introduction to software development lifecycles
  2. Development, Security and Operations (DevSecOps) processes
  3. Secure Application Architecture

Session 2: Web App Security: Common vulnerabilities

  1. OWASP Top 10 2021
  2. CWE Top 25 2023
  3. Example case studies (e.g. injection, XSS,  SSRF and DOS).
  4. Managing third-party risks & dependencies

Session 3: Web App Security: Securing Apps 

  1. Discovering software vulnerabilities
  2. Code Reviews for Security
  3. Defending against common attacks

Session 4: API Security  

  1. Python Libraries 
  2. Challenge explanation
  3. Further development and Opportunities with Python
available on demand until 28.12.23
cv & applications

An inevitable part of any career is submitting CVs and applications for roles. For tech roles in particular, you are often expected to provide a portfolio and go through a tech assessment. Our CVs & Applications MOOC will give you the foundational knowledge to build upon in your tech career, including how to manage Imposter Syndrome and portray your best self throughout the process.

Session 1: Introduction to CV’s : structure and formatting

  1. Why having a good CV is important 
  2. How someone makes a decision on your CV
  3. A general structure CV’s should follow
  4. How someone reading your CV may scan it – in an F or Z pattern

Session 2: How to make your CV stand out

  1. What people think will make their CV stand as opposed to how you can actually stand out 
  2. Dissecting each section of a CV with detailed advice: 
  3. Personal branding and how it can provide great content for your CV 
  4. Linking other content such as a portfolio, github profile
  5. Use of AI to write your CV (or rather advising people against it) 

Session 3:  Navigating tech job applications

  1. Where to find and apply for tech jobs 
  2. Advice on tracking your applications
  3. Should you write cover letters for your applications? 
  4. Job advert jargon buster – what do they actually mean

Session 4: Smashing your interview (and some other tips)

  1. How to use a brag document and how to use this to help you with writing your CV
  2. How to navigate the conversation around salary
  3. Some examples of interview processes that tech roles may have
  4. How to conduct comprehensive research on companies (and potentially interviewers) for interview prep
available on demand until 01.01.24
Free and open to all CFG Members​
Machine Learning

Machine Learning (ML) plays an important role in the future of tech. Being able to process huge data sets, look for patterns, whilst continuously learning and improving is the essence of AI & ML. Throughout this MOOC Sprint, you’ll be exposed to key concepts to build your knowledge.

Session 1: Introduction to Machine Learning

  1. What is Machine Learning?
  2. Testing and Training Data
  3. The ML Landscape
  4. Useful Skills for the ML World

Session 2: Type of ML and Python for Machine Learning

  1. Supervised Machine Learning Overview
  2. Unsupervised Machine Learning Overview
  3. Reinforcement Machine Learning Overview
  4. Python for Machine Learning

Session 3: K-Nearest Neighbour

  1. Introduction to K-Nearest Neighbour
  2. Uses of KNN
  3. Python Implementation of KNN

Session 4: Linear Regression

  1. Introduction to Linear Regression
  2. Uses of Linear Regression
  3. Using Linear Regression with Python
  4. Introduction to Neural Networks
available on demand until 10.01.24
Free and open to all CFG Members​
Solving problems with Python

Python is an interpreted, object-oriented, high-level programming language with dynamic semantics. Python is commonly used for developing websites, task automation, data analysis, and data visualisation. Due to the nature of Python, it is regularly used in industries and roles such as accountants and scientists, for a variety of everyday tasks.

Session 1: Python basics: Variables and Data types

  1. What is Python and why should you learn it?
  2. Variables 
  3. Data types

Session 2: Problem solving: FOR loops and Functions

  1. Methods
  2. User input
  3. Importing and installing modules 
  4. For loops
  5. Functions 

Session 3: Decision making: Booleans and Conditional Statements

  1. Comparison operators
  2. Logical Operators 
  3. If statements
  4. While loops

Session 4: Reading, writing and  analysing data from files

  1. Reading/Writing text files
  2. Working with CSV files
  3. Pandas DataFrame
  4. Processing the data: statistics module



The CFG Massive Open Online Courses come in two forms – our MOOC Sprints and our MOOC Challenges. Both are great for beginners or those with some tech knowledge and know-how! These 100% free MOOC sessions will introduce you to in-demand tech concepts, languages, and other key skills.

Our MOOC Sprints are a 1-hour session each week over four weeks and will give you a great taste of key tech topics – from UX/UI to bug fixing, languages to CVs and applications. After each session, you will need to complete a quick quiz on the topic.

These sessions are recorded and can be watched later, however, to get the most out of the sessions, we recommend attending live to take part in interactive tasks and engage with the instructors. Those who complete the MOOC Sprint within the initial time frame (usually 6 weeks) will receive a certification.

Our MOOC Challenges come after the Sprints and allow members to take part in a challenge – our mini ‘Hackathon’ to test their knowledge and skills. Both MOOC Sprints and Challenges are great for CFG members at any level – from beginner to more advanced.

Yes, our MOOCs are 100% free and sessions will introduce you to in-demand tech concepts, languages, and other key skills.

Other questions? Visit our knowledge base for more information.

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