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Are you interested in exploring a partnership with Code First Girls? After working with over 130 partner companies over the past couple of years, many of our partners have shared what drove their ROI. We are here to share some of the most impactful ways businesses have worked with CFG to drive real change in their organisation.

No more competing for tech talent

95% of employers looking for tech talent have encountered a skills shortage. As a tech employer yourself, you’ll understand that this shows no sign of slowing down, and relying on traditional recruitment methods isn’t going to cut it. 

Having provided over 150,000 opportunities for women to learn to code, Code First Girls has developed one of the largest talent pipelines of women and non-binary people in tech in the world. Our partners select different parts of our education funnel and curriculum, depending on their business or hiring needs. Businesses may want to encourage more early-career, mid-career, mums, career switchers, or graduates into tech roles (or a mix of all-of-the-above) at their company, and they may also want to build pipelines of tech talent in their local regions and communities. All of this is possible through the free education they provide to these women, who might not have otherwise had access to technology skills – offering many a full-time role on completion of their education.  

Win competitive advantage by unlocking talent from alternative routes into tech

Build a bespoke pipeline at scale

Through your annual subscription, you’ll also be able to train women in multiple skills areas. Our curriculum allows you to select education streams linked to career pathways, so you can use your package to educate women in software, full-stack, data or product management. You can also split your subscription between early-careers and mid-level talent, depending on what seniority you are looking to hire. Additionally, some of our partners have also used their subscription cross-departmentally, across different divisions and locations, meaning that you can scale our offering up or down depending on your hiring needs.

Diminish inefficient hiring costs by building a bespoke candidate funnel which can be scaled up or down

Guarantee hires, without compromise

Through our annual subscription model you are guaranteed the number of hires that your package includes. How do we do this without compromising the quality of talent? Unlike many bootcamps and education providers, Code First Girls puts the choice firmly in our community’s hands. Our community of women choose what courses they apply to based on a detailed description on our website. We communicate your sponsored education opportunity, many of which include a conditional job offer on completion, with transparency, therefore attracting the best candidates who feel that the opportunity matches their own criteria. 

After application, our candidates undergo a rigorous selection process. Our experts will shortlist the best applicants that match your hiring criteria, presenting you with a shortlist. You will then interview this shortlist and choose who to sponsor through our education – and even perhaps hire on completion! 

CFGdegree’s average course completion rate is 96%  – significantly outperforming the 81% success rate prevalent in skills bootcamps and 53% for apprenticeships. But what happens if a candidate does not complete their course? Our re-investment model means that Code First Girls sponsors additional women through each cohort. These reserve candidates are then ready to step into partner company roles should any sponsored candidates pull out due to unexpected circumstances.

Guaranteed jobs filled by high quality candidates, matched against your company’s specified criteria 

Expert candidate sifting and matching

52% of talent acquisition leaders cite the task of shortlisting suitable candidates as the most difficult aspect of their role. It’s time intensive and it’s costly – we get it. 

As part of your Code First Girls package, a dedicated Client Success Manager will be assigned to your account. They will work with you to understand your hiring needs so that they can shortlist the best applicants for you. The outcome? You are able to focus on the decisive final interviews, ensuring a seamless culture fit for your company. While CFG shortlists top-tier candidates for you, the ultimate decision of who you want to provide education to, and in some instances hire, remains firmly in your hands.

Gain back endless hours spent on candidate sifting and secure the right fit for your team. 

Join a community of corporate change-makers

Code First Girls works with over 130+ businesses, globally. Whilst participating in our programme and gaining quality candidates to join their ranks, our partners gain access to thought-leadership opportunities, events and roundtables at which they are invited to share best practice with their peers across multiple industries. We encourage the proactive sharing of learnings and insights by bringing our community of partners together to highlight how they are making change inside the business and further, impacting womens’ lives for the better.

Join a peer network of corporate change-makers who learn from each other, achieving culture shifts across industries 


Code First Girls offers a scalable solution that can help businesses of all sizes fill their tech talent requirements while championing diversity and inclusion. From SMEs to FTSE 100 and S&P 500 enterprises, tech leaders and HR teams continue to choose us to build their tech talent acquisition funnels across the globe. Our NPS score of 71 demonstrates our commitment to delivering exceptional value to our partners.

Whether you’re struggling to fill open roles or looking to diversify your tech workforce, Code First Girls has the expertise and resources to help.

Why choose Code First Girls?

Companies around the world trust Code First Girls to:

  • Secure a scalable pipeline of tech talent with diverse experiences by upskilling career switchers.
  • Elevate office locations into thriving tech hubs through our education and employment initiatives.
  • Offer a comprehensive curriculum that equips women with the most in-demand technical skills across the world. 
  • Provide high-quality training to women in tech – 94% of alumni would recommend the Code First Girls program to others.

Why not find out for yourself? Speak to our experts here. 👇