A Taste of JavaScript: Why it’s the coding language for you

by talia legge, B2C Marketing Executive

JavaScript is one of the easiest and best programming languages for beginners, but that’s not to say it doesn’t require dedication and a willingness to learn! So don’t worry if you find it challenging as it may take some time to learn, process and understand all the information that surrounds JavaScript.

Yes, JavaScript is a whole new language in itself, but once you break it all down it appears much less daunting. Trust us!


JavaScript is a matchmaker! Did you know that all your favourite dating apps use JavaScript- from Tinder to Bumble and Hinge. Even if you haven’t used them, you’ve certainly heard of them!

 So what is JavaScript?

Putting aside all the fancy and technical terms for now, the easiest way to explain JavaScript is that it is a type of computer coding and a scripting language. Which ultimately,  allows for the creation of dynamic and interactive web pages.

JavaScript runs on the client-side, this means it runs on the user’s web browser, rather than on the server. So the browser will process the code instead of the web server.

Getting started with JavaScript

First things first, before you can even start coding you need to ensure you’ve set up a development environment. A code editor and web browser are two necessities. The code editor is a tool that enables you to write, test and debug your code.

In our JavaScript Coding Kickstarter and @Uni Kickstarter classes, we recommend installing Visual Studio Code to use as your development environment

Here is a helpful video on getting started on Visual Studio Code:

Learn the basics of JavaScript syntax. 

For writing JavaScript code you have to follow certain rules, these rules are known as ‘Javascript Syntax’. The basic syntax elements include functions, operators, variables and data types. Feeling a bit overwhelmed? Don’t worry, we’re going to break each element down for you! 🙂

For some extra reading, we recommend this JavaScript guide from W3 Schools!


Some examples of JavaScript syntax

  • Variables:  Variables are containers that store data values. Keywords have to be used in order to declare a variable in JavaScript, the key words you can use are “var”, “let” or “const”.  

  • Data Types: There are 8 data types in JavaScript: String, Number, Bigint, Boolean, Undefined, Null, Symbol, Object

Why do we need to know this? In programming, data types are an important concept.

 This is so the computer can understand the code. It is important to know about what the data type is otherwise it will be unable to successfully run the script. 

  • Operators: Symbols are used to perform operations on values, these are known as operators. Arithmetic operators, comparison operators and logical operators are some of the basic operators used in JavaScript.

  • Functions:  a function is a reusable block of code that performs a specific task. When declaring a function in Javascript, use the keyword “function”.

Fancy some extra reading? 👀

Here is a great overview of JavaScript (in 1 hour!). Make a cuppa, get cosy and check out this YouTube view

Let’s CODE!

Learning a new language is definitely all about testing and learning. In your everyday language, you now will retrospectively be able to understand when you’re using nouns or past or present tense when speaking – but it’s not something you actively think about. This is the same with coding, eventually it’ll become second nature. But now you’ve got the basic understanding and insight into the world of JavaScript, it’s time to put all that knowledge into practice. 


Why is JavaScript the one for you?

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