cfgdegree ambassador Adelaide Baron

How did you first hear about Code First Girls?

I believe I heard about it through the University of Liverpool in 2018ish – or perhaps someone at SMF mentioned it. I can’t quite remember! 

What motivated you to apply for the CFGdegree?

Learn to code professionally, but also for the job at the end of it. It’s so difficult to secure a role in tech with little-no experience. 

What are you doing in your career now and where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

QA Automation Engineer – we do use data too though! I make code to test code to ensure it’s up to standard and meets requirements. 

In 5 years time, hopefully I’ll have made it to senior QA engineer! Basically, I want to become a better coder and get more involved in the business. 

Additionally, I want to be more involved in CFG. I’m hoping to spread the word wider, as my local area doesn’t seem to be aware of it! 

How did you find managing your work/life balance throughout the duration of the course?

Tricky! But worth it. I was still finishing off university and training full time in my daytime role. I found mapping out my hours and over-allocating was the way forward. Starting off with a strict plan really helps when it gets to week 6 onwards! 

Which CFGdegree pathway did you apply for, and why?

Data stream. Having a maths degree, data seems the given route for tech! I also love working with data, and really enjoyed the intro to data & SQL course. 

What was the most challenging part of the CFGdegree for you personally?

The last few weeks. You’re juggling so much, a project, and the learning just doesn’t seem to stop! Just push through and think of what you’re getting out of this. Also, don’t neglect new learning for getting a tiny bit extra done on the project – use all the knowledge shared with you. 

Could you give one piece of advice for those looking to apply for the CFGdegree?

Go for every opportunity and see how it goes. If you hear about prospective employers, or a chance to work with CFG on something – do it! People looking for someone to code with to revise? Do it. Everything is going to help you in some way! 

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