Welcome to our 2022 Research Paper in partnership with NatWest

We have teamed up with NatWest as our research paper sponsor to highlight the barriers stifling social mobility and gender parity in the tech industry, as well as provide key insights to help close the gender and socio-economic gap in the sector, and empower communities.

The report, entitled, ‘Tech, Gender and Social Mobility: How to Empower Minority Groups with Economic Opportunities by Building Diverse Tech Teams’ includes exclusive new data from a survey of more than 1,200 women.

While the UK’s tech job market is predicted to grow six times to be worth £30bn by 2025, we estimate that as things stand there will only be one qualified woman for every 115 roles. Social mobility is also a major issue in the tech industry with the proportion of employees from working-class backgrounds measuring only 19%, compared to 33.3% across other industries.

However, the industry is uniquely placed to make a real difference to social mobility given its low barriers to entry, multiple avenues into the profession and high pay. Previous research suggests achieving gender parity in tech could add £2.6bn to the economy, while increasing social mobility across sectors could benefit the economy by up to £45bn.

To read more in the report and understand how we can all build economic opportunities in tech for minority groups, please fill in the form below to download the report for free.

Use the links below to view the Tech, Gender and Social Mobility: How to Empower Minority Groups with Economic Opportunities by Building Diverse Tech Teams report online or download the PDF.

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