Each year, we undertake our community survey to help gain insights, opinions, and feedback on Code First Girls and the wider tech world. This feedback helps us to shape our future across product launches, events, communities, and partners. Our focus is to put insights into action and listening to our community last year, we have since:

  • Created new MOOCs with a wider range of topics, with quick and short learning topics;
  • Launched our Nanodegree with more intensive and in-depth learning;
  • Are partnering with more companies across sectors and industries our community were most interested in with and with real job opportunities and career paths;
  • Provided more hackathons with companies like Vodafone, Rolls-Royce, and the FCA;
  • Launched Code Fest 2020 with a range of webinars and events to help showcase tech topics our community wanted to know more about, with Code Fest 2021 coming soon;
  • Launched Career Nav with the opportunity to develop skills for job interviews, assessments, and for our community to explore tech career pathways.

This year, our 2021 survey was sent out to our community at the beginning of May and we received just under 1,000 responses from our members. Like we did last year, we plan on using the survey data to help us steer the direction of Code First Girls, and as a result, expand our offering in line with what our community would like to see next. 

To access our 2021 Annual Survey Community Insights Report, click on a link below to access the report online or to download a PDF copy

Clickable image linking to 'Community Report 2021' Page