Things we learnt speaking with Usha Newland, Chief Information Officer, Customer Care at Barclays

In this episode of #REPRESENT, we sat down with Usha Newland, Chief Information Officer for Customer Care at Barclays, a British multinational universal bank. We gained valuable insights into the dynamic world of banking and technology. With a career spanning decades in the financial services sector, Usha shared her perspectives on the changing landscape of banking, the role of AI, data security, and the essential attributes for success in the tech industry.

Key takeaways: 
  1. Versatility and learning: Usha’s journey into the tech world wasn’t a straight line. From aspiring to be an architect to diving into computer science and mathematics, her versatile background showcases the importance of being open to diverse experiences. 
  2. The creative side of tech: Often viewed as technical and analytical, the tech field also offers ample room for creativity. Usha emphasised that computer science and coding involve creativity in problem-solving, data analysis, and algorithm development. She shared her experience of creativity in the financial services domain, where understanding patterns in data and designing innovative solutions are crucial.
  3. Adaptable leadership: Usha highlighted the importance of adaptability and a willingness to learn as essential attributes for tech leaders. Embracing situations where one doesn’t have all the answers and being comfortable with asking questions contributes to effective leadership. Leadership is about building diverse teams that complement each other’s strengths.
  4. Future of banking and tech: Looking ahead, Usha discussed the potential impact of AI and generative AI on the banking sector. She acknowledged the transformative potential of technology but also stressed the need for careful consideration due to the sensitivity of financial data. Cyber security remains paramount, with a continuous focus on safeguarding customer information.

Usha’s insights remind us that the future of banking is intrinsically linked with technological advancements, and those who embrace change, stay curious, and are willing to learn will undoubtedly thrive. The landscape of banking and tech is ever-evolving, and with individuals like Usha Newland at the helm, we can be assured that the industry’s future is in capable hands.

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