by Madiha Mubarik, B2B Marketing Executive
The top 10 Femtech companies that are breaking barriers in innovating women’s health

The femtech industry is on the rise, and it’s revolutionising women’s health with technology and software solutions designed specifically for women. Femtech, short for female technology, includes everything from pelvic floor trainers to menstrual cycle tracking apps to menopause support platforms. By addressing long-standing health disparities and empowering women to take control of their reproductive and sexual health, femtech companies are more than just a buzzword – they’re a game-changer for women’s health. 

These products and services are transforming the way women approach their health and wellness, putting women’s unique health needs at the forefront and paving the way for a more inclusive, accessible, and equitable healthcare landscape. So, let’s dive in and discover the most innovative and badass femtech companies out there!


Elvie is a UK-based femtech company that creates innovative products to help women strengthen their pelvic floor muscles. Their flagship product, the Elvie Trainer, is an app-connected device that guides women through pelvic floor exercises to improve bladder control and intimate well-being. They are also super well known for their portable breast pumps, which have become a household name thanks to their smaller, quieter, and smarter design compared to other pumps. The Elvie Pump features a SmartRhythm™ pumping technology which lets you tailor your pumping session by selecting from four different rhythms to ensure maximum milk output.


Ava is a Swiss company that has developed a fertility tracking bracelet that helps women track their menstrual cycle, monitor their fertility, and identify their fertile window. With its innovative sensor technology, the Ava bracelet is able to track multiple physiological parameters to help you better understand your menstrual cycle, ovulation timings and optimise your fertility. Plus, its a sleek and stylist design makes it a fun and fashionable accessory to wear everyday!


Cyracadia Health is a healthcare company that specializes in developing and providing advanced breast cancer screening solutions. Their screening tool is called Brevium, which uses a unique algorithm that analyzes a patient's mammogram to identify subtle changes in breast tissue, allowing for earlier detection of potential breast cancer cases. Cyracadia Health is in the process of developing a smart bra, iTBra, that detects early signs of breast cancer using heat sensors. It’ll be like wearing a regular bra, but cooler (literally!). The bra will measure a person’s circadian temperature to detect any abnormal breast cell developments.


Menopausal hot flushes are nature’s way of saying, ‘I hope you like sweating, because we’re gonna do alot of it!’. Well, Grace Cooling is working on a very cool product, a bracelet that tracks your temperature and delivers a cool-down whenever you need it. It’s more than a cooling device, it’s a preemptive strike against hot flushes helping you take back control of your body. Time to say bye bye to the sweating!


We're excited to learn more about Livia's innovative SmartWave™ technology that is transforming how women deal with menstrual pain, a product that has been endorsed by many leading women's health experts worldwide. By using electronic micro-pulses to tap into the body's natural pain defences, Livia offers a safe and effective alternative to drugs alone. The best part? There are no side-effects, and the female body cannot build a tolerance to it. Plus, Livia is stylish, portable, and can be discreetly worn under outfits. With its long-life rechargeable battery, Livia is an environmentally-friendly and cost-effective solution for years to come. We believe that Livia is a game-changer for women everywhere who experience menstrual pain, and we're thrilled to spread the word about this revolutionary product.


Flo is one of the most popular apps globally, allowing you to track your periods and ovulation to help you learn more about your body, including how your cycle can impact your mood and energy levels. By inputting information about your body signals, Flo can even help you increase your chances of getting pregnant by working out when you're most likely to conceive. And once you're pregnant, Flo's pregnancy mode offers week-by-week growth tracking, appointment reminders, and all the information you need for a healthy pregnancy journey for both you and your baby.


NextGen Jane is a fascinating and innovative femtech company that is using smart tampons to revolutionise women's health. By detecting genomic signals and cells, their tampons could potentially diagnose endometriosis and other conditions, providing women with earlier and more accurate diagnoses. Imagine a future where a simple and discreet tampon could provide critical health information to women - it's an exciting prospect that has the potential to transform women's healthcare.


Kasha is a women's health e-commerce platform that offers a range of health and personal care products, including menstrual hygiene products, birth control, and pregnancy tests. The company operates in several African countries, with a focus on improving access to healthcare for women in underserved communities.

These top 10 femtech companies are changing the game when it comes to women’s health. With innovative products and services, they are empowering women to take control of their health and well-being like never before. So, let’s embrace the femtech revolution and take charge of our health in a bold and fun way!


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